Being a first time mom can be a bittersweet experience which can either hit you in the face when you see the two pink lines show up on the pregnancy test, or the moment your baby is born with the realization that here is a human being that is solely dependent on you.

We need to start developing some national pride and pay closer attention to the meaning of words in our National Anthem, instead of developing negativities.

The Caribbean has produced several gifted individuals, including Nobel Laureates, world leaders and a host of outstanding persons, who have made their mark in history. However, too many times their efforts go unrecognized or unsupported



An approaching tropical wave quickly develops into a tropical storm and ultimately a hurricane challenging every disaster mitigation procedure and the expectations of an entire country.


Team Jamaica  anchored by Usain Bolt, thrashes the competition with a decicive win at the 2011 Mens 4x100m relay final and a new World Record. 


A television documentary on the liberalization of the telecommunications sector in the ECTEL Member States.