Promoting the best of Our People, Our Culture and Our Activities

Carib WSThe Caribbean has produced several gifted individuals, including Nobel Laureates, world leaders and a host of outstanding professionals, who have made their mark in history. However, too many times their efforts go unrecognized or unsupported. Carib Webs is therefore launching this new venture which is a web portal for Caribbean people and those who are Caribbean at heart. It will highlight the positive aspects of Caribbean life by promoting the creative, industrial and cultural talents of our people and their activities and bring to prominence the  many great contributions to our community.

The initiative comes from a series of smaller satellite web projects. Our team has managed through their love of their Caribbean heritage to create what is arguably the best sources of information in the respective niche markets. Our websites have grown so rapidly over the last few years that we are finding it difficult to meet the demands of our visitors as separate initiatives.

In recent times we have received a lot of feedback and requests for something less seasonal and with a broader scope. We have decided to take up the challenge. We believe that through this new portal, we can to foster a culture of content producers, rather than just passive consumers of information.

In our field we have seen several attempts to set up websites and blogs targeting “the Caribbean”. So what is different with this initiative? Our solution leverages not only the best technologies in content management and media convergence but also incorporates the expertise of a dynamic and energetic team of individuals with years of experience in event promotion, media relations, design, research, content archival, education and management.

Technological advancements have created tremendous opportunities for individuals and organizations which can significantly impact our future. The current global environment demands that we find innovative means to survive and preserve our heritage. Admittedly natural resources are limited, but our human potential is tremendous.

We look forward to partnering with anyone who recognizes and appreciates the importance of this initiative for the promotion of our people, culture and activities. We believe it will redound to the benefit of all involved.